3 easy steps to an Energy Efficient Home  
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  • Save up to £200 a year on energy bills
  • Earn up to £780 per year income from the government's Feed in Tariff incentives
  • Cut electricity bills
  • Sell electricity back to the grid
  • Protect your home from future fuel price increases
  • Returns of 12-15% - making it a great investment
  • Have a system that pays for itself within 6-8 years
  • Help the environment by lowering UK carbon emissions
  • Cut your reliance on the big energy companies
  • Cut your carbon footprint

Simply call us and book a FREE no obligation home survey from one of our approved Green Deal advisors.

2 Free home survey

The EnergyCare advisor will carry out a full Green Deal assessment and survey of your home. This will produce a Green Deal report showing how much money and energy you will save by having solar PV installed to your home. Prices start from £3,200, with the Government Green Deal helping to manage the cost. (Please see Green Deal explained).

3 Sit back

Let EnergyCare and the Government take care of the rest, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of an energy efficient home.


Green Deal explained

The Government Green Deal scheme enables consumers to install energy saving improvements to their homes without paying for the privilege. The cost for the works is paid back from the savings the installation produces via your Energy bill. (Please see the golden rule below.)

The Green Deal Golden Rule

The 'Golden Rule' ensures that the savings created by the new energy saving improvement must ALWAYS exceed the repayments applied to the annual electricity bill. This means that once the improvement has been installed, your dual fuel bill will be no higher than before the improvement was carried out. If the savings are not enough to cover the full install you will be able to take out a Green Deal personal top up plan for the remainder. The EnergyCare surveyor will explain.


The Green Deal option is available to all homeowners, landlords, privately renting tenants, Schools and commercial properties with an electricity supply.

To watch a video about Green Deal Click here   To download our Solar brochure Click here

Alternative 0% Finance Available


Green Deal may not suit every customer. EnergyCare has an alternative 0% finance option available to suit the needs of you and your home, the EnergyCare advisor can explain further at point of survey.

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