Boiler Servicing
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Boiler Servicing Only �80
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EnergyCare Group, Telephone No.0800 783 7946
United Kingdom
Get your boiler serviced by one of our Gas Safe registered engineers for a fixed price of just �80.

0800 783 7946

Freephone 24hrs 7 days a week

Get your boiler serviced by one of our Gas Safe registered engineers for a fixed price of just £80

To book your boiler service simply call us on 0800 783 7946
Freephone 24 hours a day - 7 days a week

Boiler Servicing, only £80

We offer a one-off annual boiler service for a single charge of £80 inclusive of VAT. Our qualified heating engineers will carry out a 20-point check of your boiler. 

The service includes:

  • Fuel gas analysis
  • Gas working pressure
  • Gas rate check
  • Burner inspection and cleaning
  • Checking integrity of flue
  • Heat exchanger inspection and cleaning
  • Cleaning syphon (condensing boilers)
  • Check controls and safety devices

Why is a boiler service and maintenance so important?

A Boiler service and maintenance come hand in hand, even with an annual service there is maintenance that will still need to be conducted to ensure your boiler is working efficiently. A boiler service should be seen as part of your boilers overall maintenance. You can find out more about boiler maintenance here. 

Your boiler should be serviced regularly to ensure that it is working correctly and efficiently. A faulty or inefficient boiler could be wasting you money and could become dangerous if it starts leaking carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas that is very difficult to detect - one of the only ways to ensure that your boiler is safe is for it to be serviced annually by a Gas Safe engineer. 

By performing regular maintenance on your boiler you can ensure that it is not only working efficiently but also increase its lifespan. 

Find out more by reading our 'The importance of an annual boiler service' and 'What is boiler maintenance?'

EnergyCare Gas Safe engineers

EnergyCare's engineers are all Gas Safe approved. The Gas Safe register is the UK's official body that has been put in place to protect the public against inadequate and dangerous gas work.